Wednesday Aug 21, 2013 Meetup

We were given the green light to rehearse late tomorrow – Wednesday – at 43rd st. Please bring your costumes or a drawing or explanation of what you would be wearing for the Folk Songs. Remember (for the women)  – folksy skirts (no short skirts), rolled towel (balancer), basket, blouse etc. Men – Folksy shirts and pants. All white for the Take me to the water. 

Please study and be confident in Dona nobis pacem. Be able to sing it as if you were a soloist – note and pitch perfect. 

Please bring something for you to eat and be able to share with others.
Would like to have a specific time and day to rehearse Live like Horses, The Cat Duet and the Prayer. Please let me know – Angel, Chinyere and Katheen  – when would be a good time.
Michael, we need to record “Talk about a Chile” for your mother to study.
Anthony will explain about the Sounds of Music Website.
Cheryl, study your song every day. Be Eva Peron when performing. Get into the character fully.
Start inviting your friends. Showcase will be on Saturday September 07, from 6pm. Think about what foods we can share with our fellow performers and guests.
The following Saturday – September 14, we will feature Angel Ricardo Evans in a Mini-Concert at our Closing Party. Start inviting people also.
Angel, please prepare a Bio including your relationship with the Ed Sullivan Show. And photos with the bands you worked with.
Performers – we need photos or to take photos. We should take some rehearsal photos and videos.
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